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GLOBAL STOCK is one of the largest wholesalers of outlets clothing in Poland. We offer stock clothing, the end collection of known and respected brands. Our goods have guarantee of high quality at a surprisingly low price.

Founded in 2005 GLOBAL STOCK initially offered a small amount of clothing distribution on the local market. Thanks to modern solutions and unique systems sales, quickly turned into large warehouses. The dynamic development led to the expansion of goods distribution throughout the European Union. Currently GLOBAL STOCK leads effective export to over 30 countries, in the union and beyond.


During dynamic development, we have established wide cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers of clothing outlets in countries such as Spain, Germany, Denmark, Italy and France. Import a large amount of clothing directly from the manufacturer allows us to offer clothing at the lowest possible price on the market and the continued availability of goods.

We know that today's market requires rapid adaptation and introduction of newer and newer solutions to sales and marketing. Thanks to the acquired experience, we have developed a unique sales system that allows the buyer to achieve maximum profits. It is based on the foundations of sales techniques, building trust, makes both the seller and the end customer are fully satisfied with their purchases.

Outlet clothing is chosen mainly because of the extremely attractive prices. Therefore, the main emphasis of our activities on appropriate pricing policies and a wide range of assortment. So everyone can choose from us appropriate to their clothes. Wholesale GLOBAL STOCK also makes sure to constantly develop and expand its offer. We meet the expectations of customers, and they appreciate it. We work with small shops and large companies.



We offered outlet clothing, the end of collections, stock apparel, production surpluses of reputable manufacturers. Our offer includes not only women clothing, but also men and children. We give customers the ability to choose the quality of the goods:

  • Quality 1st - High quality of the clothes, free from defects, 100% new containing the original tags and manufacturer labels.
  • Quality 2nd - New clothing, containing micro defect (no button, dirty, damaged lock) many sellers are choosing other species due to the very low price and the variety of models.

We provide fast and safe delivery of goods to destination. National delivery realized through a contract with a courier company DPD and JAS-FBG. International shipments are delivered by freight forwarding companies or UPS. We always try to find the cheapest and most beneficial solution that costs as low as possible and the goods have been delivered in the shortest possible time.

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